It’s here. We listened.

We’ve listened to your feedback.

You wanted a product that helps you get that upper edge.
Something unlike others on the market.

We’re proud to introduce Stem-Kine Boost, a merging of our successful & proven Stem-Kine formula1,2 with additional ingredients to support health, well-being, energy, and clarity levels.

The best part?
It’s in a great-tasting, easy to use 2.5 ounce shot!

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12 Bottles
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24 Bottles
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all fluff.

No GMO’s. No fillers. No hidden ingredients. All natural flavors.

We wanted to develop a nutritional shot to fill a void in the market. Stem-Kine Boost combines our proven, successful, and proprietary formula that has been shown time and time again in over 30 countries to stimulate the release of circulating stem cells in the body. These cells have been shown to stimulate new blood vessel growth and enhance natural healing capabilities within the body.

we went a step further.

With the addition of B-vitamins to stimulate natural energy, nootropics to enhance focus and clarity, Stem-Kine Boost is truly unparalleled on the market. We know you’ll like it. Nutrition you can trust, and a boost you can feel.

All Nutrition. 16 proven ingredients.

We used leading nutritional science to truly produce an all-in-one formula.You will not find another formula as comprehensive as ours. We didn’t skimp on anything. Other companies will include minute amounts of ingredients to reduce cost. We didn’t. Every one of our ingredients were carefully selected and included in amounts that will produce results.

But how does it taste?

We have a philosophy that you can put whatever you want in a nutritional energy shot, but if it doesn’t taste good, you don’t have a great product. We tested all of the products on the market and weren’t satisfied with a single one. We partnered with a great formulator to create a taste you can feel good about. The best part? Nothing synthetic. You’re tasting true berry extracts, no synthetic chemical flavors here!

We’re aiming to change the standards of nutrition.